Linda Baun’s dedication will leave permanent mark on your WBA

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To say that it’s difficult to summarize all the ways in which our Linda Baun has left her mark on your WBA is an understatement…

Lin has given 14 years of dedicated service to your WBA. She’s earned her reputation for her dedication to broadcasting, amazing work ethic, and boundless kind-heartedness. She put in countless hours working to make life easier for you and your fellow WBA members. She worked behind the scenes making our events exceed your expectations, and always, always added her own touch to make events a little extra special.

Lin’s work touched so many events and services offered by your WBA. In particular, she threw her whole self into the WBA Student Seminar, the WBA Awards for Excellence, the WBA Awards Gala, and the Broadcasters Clinic. At the WBA Gala, you could spot her in her dress and headset making sure everything was running smoothly and no one missed a cue. At the Broadcasters Clinic, she was always meeting with attendees and exhibitors and never (ever) missed the chance to hand out lunches to the exhibitors to make them feel appreciated. As I’m sure you’ll agree, these events will simply not be the same without her.

You can read more about Lin here.

Lin, our dear friend – thank you isn’t enough. We will miss you more than you know. You will ALWAYS be a part of the WBA Family!

Broadcasters Clinic going virtual

Your WBA’s award-winning Broadcasters Clinic event is returning this year as a virtual event, and we’re excited to have FCC Chairman Ajit Pai making an appearance! It’s still three days: Oct. 13-15 and will still bring together the best and brightest on the topics broadcast engineers need to know about. You can learn all about the online event here.

New bylaws adopted

Thank you to all the WBA member stations who participated in the process of adopting changes to the WBA bylaws. It was a prolonged process because the summer membership meeting had to be canceled; that said, we are so grateful to all the station managers who studied the changes and sent in their consent forms. Read more here.

Have you listened to the Bob Barry podcast?

You should! And you should subscribe so you can catch new episodes every Wednesday. WBA Hall of Famer Bob Barry is unearthing some of his most interesting celebrity interviews from his decades on the air in Milwaukee. He recently published interviews with Buffalo Bob, Rodney Dangerfield, Gene Pitney, Tina Turner, and Phyllis Diller. The podcast is published by your WBA Foundation with support from WBA Hall of Famer Terry Baun. You can find the most recent episodes and links to subscribe here.

Valuable (and FREE) one-on-one digital consultations

We recently gathered testimonials from some of your fellow WBA members who’ve taken advantage of free one-on-one digital strategy consultations we offer from Seth Resler from Jacobs Media. Here’s one quote:

“It was awesome! Not only did Seth give us great feedback on our website, he also helped us with our strategies and making them more concrete and quantifiable.”

Seth is available to help your stations talk about your digital strategies, whether you’re just getting started on digital platforms or if you’re trying to figure out how to shift strategies to address changes in the market or curveballs like the pandemic. Interested? Contact Kyle Geissler.

The ongoing pandemic and upcoming election season will no doubt keep the pressure on you and your operations. Please know that your WBA is here to help. You know about all the services we offer (see page 10) , and you know that your WBA is YOUR Go To Resource – but these days we sometimes hear from members who simply need to talk…..and we’re here for that as well. We’re so very proud of the work you do for Wisconsin. As always, stay safe. Stay healthy. We need you!