Wisconsin Broadcasters Association
Jolene Jensen
(715) 835-1313
News and Production departments. Job shadow staff and also hands-on experience.
No monetary compensation
This is an ongoing program as we find qualified students; College Junior and Seniors

Theresa Wopat
(507) 895-9872
News, Sports, Weather, Interactive, Creative Services, Sales/Marketing and Engineering
Paid – $8.25/hr
Fall Semester, Spring Semester or Summer

Melissa Feldman
(920) 432-3331
No monetary compensation – for school credit
Jay Zollar
(920) 494-8711
Sales, Production, Promotion
No monetary compensation – for school credit if pre-approved
Kevin Osgood, News Director
(920) 430-3618
News Room Operations: Reporting, Editing, Photography, Writing, Producing
No monetary compensation
Jay Zollar
(920) 494-8711
News, Marketing, Sales and Production
No monetary compensation – for school credit if pre-approved
Students encouraged to apply with specific goals and objectives.

Tony Virga
(608) 270-5711
Usually the internships are offered in Marketing/Promotion and Sales Marketing. The station marketing/promotion involves social media projects. The sales position assists with sales projects.
No monetary compensation – prefer student can earn academic credit.
Internships are available year round. Usually coincide with school year semesters. Prefer student has achieved junior or higher level.
Rachel Danay
Vision Maker Media is sponsoring paid internships at public television stations around the country in journalism, media and communications for summer or fall 2015.  The purpose of these internships is to increase opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native youth in public media.  During their 10-week, full-time internship, interns will be expected to produce at least two short-form videos on local Native American or Alaska Native people, events, or issues for on-air or online distribution. The stipend is $5000. Students interested in this internship must apply online at www.visionmakermedia.org/intern by Tuesday, March 24, 2015.  The application requires a cover letter, resume, work samples, an official school transcript, and a letter of recommendation.  Students must be currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate coursework.  From all submissions, top applicants will be notified in late April 2015. View Full Description
Inquiries can be sent to hr@wisctv.com
 News Reporter – Sports Photographer – Madison Magazine internships include Marketing and Editorial
Typically minimum wage
Generally run Jan-July and July – Jan…Magazine interns may be more in-line with semesters – depends on intern availability. Internship program is currently under review and is subject to change from the above.
Bonnie Beer
(608) 274-1234
The responsibilities include various Television and Broadcasting duties and are assigned according to department requirements.
$8.25 per hour
Internships are available year round.
Linda Hart
(608) 662-5010
Production, Promotion and Creative Services
No monetary compensation
Must count toward degree fulfillment
For open and available internships apply at http://sbgi.net/sbgi-careers/.
News: Ryan Lobenstein
Production: Geoff Shields
(608) 274-1515
The News internship gives students in their junior or senior year of college an opportunity to assist producers, reporters and photojournalists with electronic news gathering. Specifically setting up and writing stories for the evening news including conducting interviews in the field. Sports duties include editing, logging and coverage of live events including high school, college and professional sports. To successfully complete the Production Internship Program, interns must fully demonstrate the ability and knowledge to operate in a LIVE News studio environment including Floor Directing, Studio Camera Operation, Teleprompter Operation and Video Editing for news.
No monetary compensation – if a student is currently enrolled we will work with the student and the school to get class credit for the work experience.
The WMTV Internship programs are open year-round.

Deanne Monaghan
(414) 442-7050
On job training and learning, Production &Promotion
No monetary compensation
Must be in conjunction with an accredited school course
Cathy Danko (General)
Matt Sinn (News)
Scott Hutchcroft (Creative Services)
Anthony Arbucias (Sales)
Mark Baden (Weather)
Dan Needles (Sports)
(414) 342-8812
We have internships in all areas – News, Sports, Weather/Meteorology, Creative Services, Sales, Engineering. Responsibilities vary based on the department.
Our internship program is unpaid. Students must be of junior or senior standing, currently enrolled in a college/university and receive school credit for their internship. We do ask for a letter/email from their professor or advisor stating they are receiving credit for their internship. We offer internships year round.
Julie Bednarek
(414) 355-6666
News/Sports, Meteorology, Consumer Unit (Contact 6), Creative Services-Graphics, Creative Services-Promotion, Production Studio – Web Team
Kelly Fuller
(715) 843-9236
College Juniors and Seniors apply at careersatquincy.com

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