Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

A cooperative program of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association and the Federal Communications Commission

An exclusive agreement between the WBA and the Chicago Field Office of the FCC provides WBA member Wisconsin stations an opportunity to be voluntary inspected by an FCC-approved WBA provided inspector. Upon completing the application process, stations receive a friendly inspection from a WBA contracted inspector using the standard FCC field service checklist. If violations are found, no fines are imposed nor are they reported to the FCC.  Instead, stations are given ample time to correct the problems before another inspection.  Once a station is determined to be in compliance,  both the station and the FCC Field Office in Chicago receive a copy of the stations Certificate of Compliance. This certificate is good for three years and exempts the station from routine FCC inspections for the three year period.

Get Started

Complete the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program Request form, which can be downloaded below.

Why Participate?

Participation in the ABIP will allow you to gauge the competence and diligence of the personnel upon whom your station relies upon to keep the station operating in full FCC compliance. The FCC recognizes that in broadcasting, as in all business endeavors, owners have to rely upon personnel and outside consultants to carry out a variety of tasks, including those that involve compliance.  However, the Commission does not tolerate ignorance on the part of the station ownership. Station ownership must have systems in place to insure that its personnel and consultants are qualified and diligent. The FCC wants broad participation in the State Associations’ ABIP Programs to in order to reduce the need for FCC inspections and to raise the level of compliance throughout the entire country.


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