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Wisconsin Broadcasters Association
Sandra Schmidt
(920) 733-6639
Varies per season as needed
For credit
Spring-Fall: Not offered every year
John “Stosh” Stiloski
(920) 393-4308
Marketing and Programming Internships. Responsibilities include using social media to market the stations, on the streets face to face marketing, bringing new ideas and fresh ideas to the table.
It is an unpaid internship, but students can do this for college credit.
Internships are available for all three semesters, Jan – May, May – Sept, Sept – Dec.
Bob Gabrielson
(715) 284-4391
Learning all aspects of the business at entry level
No monetary compensation
Offered June – August
Midwest Communications
Lukas Nordby
(218) 722-4321
Sales, Promotions, News, Board Operating
No monetary compensation, for school credit
Offered year round
WHWC-FM (Public Radio)
Dean Kallenbach
(715) 839-3868
One Summer News/Talk Production Internship is full-time paid for 2016 – 12 weeks.
Terry Davis
(920) 924-9697
Sales, Programming, Promotions, Camera, Play-by-Play Sports
No monetary compensation; for credit.
Could lead to full or part-time position
Jim Vriezen
(920) 563-9329
On-Air, News, Sales, Copy Writing
Paid & Credit (Commission) Offered year round – job could develop into a full or part-time position
Relevant Radio
Come experience and learn the exciting fast paced world of live network radio with Relevant Radio.  Our internship program combines practical broadcasting experience with a mission for the New Evangelization.  Students will gain professional skills and develop working relationships with others in a non-profit, faith-based, media environment. Relevant Radio® is offering a paid internship for 2 students at our Bellevue Studio Office (1496 Bellevue St, Green Bay, WI 54311), who meet the following criteria:

  • Priority of positioning given to those who are pursuing a degree in:  Media/Broadcasting/Programming.
  • Must be a current student, between ages of 18 – 25, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • Require a minimum time commitment of 10 hours per week.
  • Schedule:  There are two positions available.  One in mornings and the other in the afternoon.
    • Morning Air Show:  6 AM – 9 AM
    • The Drew Mariani Show: 2 PM – 5 PM
  • Position is located at our Bellevue Studio Office.  Living accommodations are not provided.
  • Intern will assist the show team with audio editing, phone screening, research and board operation.   
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.  Ability to multi-task.  Attention to detail and organized.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products, social media and the Internet. 
  • Willingness to work in a business casual environment, following an established modest dress code policy.
  • Requires reliable transportation to get to and from work.  Valid Drivers License.
  • Desire to have fun, grow in your faith and learn in the process!

Interested candidates may apply by submitting a resume and letter of interests to Human Resources.

John “Stosh” Stiloski
(920) 393-4308
Marketing and Programming Internships. Responsibilities include using social media to market the stations, on the streets face to face marketing, bringing new ideas and fresh ideas to the table.
It is an unpaid internship, but students can do this for college credit.
Internships are available for all three semesters, Jan – May, May – Sept, Sept – Dec.
Mike O’Brien, General Manager
(608) 752-7895
Exposure to a variety of broadcast areas including but not limited to promotions, board operation, voice over, digital media components and marketing.  Emphasis in the area of assistance with summer promotional activities surrounding fairs and festivals.
Paid Minimum Wage for value received. Additional learning opportunities can be made available (shadowing type activities) but would not be paid.
We typically provide for one intern between May 15 and August 31 each year. Dates and times of work are flexible.
Hannah Lindemulder
(608) 314-1978
Promotions and Programming
For Credit; no monetary compensation
Offered year round – job could develop into a part-time position
Kristy Nix
(608) 782-1230
Programming, Sales
For Credit; no monetary compensation Many interns move to paid positions.
John Gaddo
(608) 785-8984
News; Corporate Support; Marketing; or Local Programming/music production.
Good opportunity for students interested in Public Broadcasting
Mid-West Family Broadcasting
The Department Head needing the intern.
(608) 273-1000
It depends on the department. If it’s Farm, then it will be to work with the Farm Director and cover meetings and ag events etc. If it is Events, it will be during the summer when we put on most of our larger events and the intern will help with putting on and working the events. If it is on air, then the Program Director and the Promotions Director will assign specific duties to the intern. The main purpose is to help the intern learn and experience the job to which they are interning, presumably so they can make a decision on their future.
We have had paid and non-paid. Summer is more popular due to all that is going on with the stations, the farm department and the events.
Wisconsin Public Radio
Sheryl Gasser (Call-In Talk Internships)
Noah Ovshinsky (News Internships)
(608) 263-6570
Basic Call-In Talk & News Producing Responsibilities
Compensation is situational Internships for talk available in Summer. News internships ongoing.
Jim Murphy

Get to know all aspects of small market radio.  NOW 92one FM and SMASH Country 92.9FM is looking for interns.  Be involved in, and responsible for Marketing, Sales, Promotions, Remotes, On-air, Board Op, Social Media, News, etc., etc.  Primarily weekends and weekday evenings.

Pat Nienow
(414) 771-1021
Promotional Department duties, on-site support for events, broadcasts, ad promotions.
For Credit; no monetary compensation.
Offered year round
WUWM News and Lake Effect internships provide valuable on-the-job experience in broadcast journalism (audio editing, broadcast writing, reporting and production). WUWM also offers internships in Marketing / Graphic Design.
All WUWM internships are unpaid. College credits may be earned. WUWM must have a formal arrangement with the university, and the student must have a faculty sponsor. Priority is given to UW-Milwaukee students. WUWM’s internship program runs year-round with new sessions beginning every four months. Individual start and end dates may vary. Apply 1-2 months before the term begins.
SUMMER TERM: June – August FALL TERM: September – December SPRING TERM: January – May
Stuart J. Wattles
(262) 694-7800
Promotion support; remote broadcast contests. May include News Department support next summer due to the candidates background. Promotions, assisting with events/remotes – helping with morning shows.
No monetary compensation
Ken Krall, News Director
(715) 362-6000
Radio news internship – general news reporting
No monetary compensation
Offered year round
Ron Fruit
(608) 647-2111
Primarily in News and/or Sales
Compensation based on ability
Offered in the summer
John Munson
(715) 394-8530
Marketing Internship involves social media, web, press releases, advocacy. News Internship is for general reporting.
Paid – $8.00/hr Offered during the academic year but occasional summer internships are possible if funds are available. Generally hire UW-Superior students as our interns.
Steve Resnick
(715) 845-8218
Programming/Promotion/Sports – Depending on applicant’s area of interest and station’s needs
Compensation is situational

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