WBA Summer Conference goes virtual

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Your WBA is committed to providing members with the professional development they need to be the best in their field and tools to help you recruit the best employees.
Although we couldn’t be together for the WBA Summer Conference, we would like to bring to you the following opportunities. These are more than webinars. They are amazing tools for your team and the price is just right.
We encourage you to invest the time in these incredible FREE opportunities:
Virtual Job Fair
July 20-24
This virtual job fair can provide your station with a common-sense approach to using the internet as a recruitment tool and to satisfy part of your FCC EEO requirement.
To register for the job fair, visit the registration page on the WBA website. The cost is $75 per exempt or non-exempt Station Employment Unit (SEU) for members. Further instructions will be sent to your hiring agent after registration.
Rising Above: Sales & Management Summit
July 22-23
Featuring lessons from the best trainers in the business (Laurie Kahn, Mark Levy, Sean Luce, Chris Lytle, Gerry Tabio, Derron Steenbergen, and Speed Marriott) Rising Above will be a day and a half live virtual training event that will teach, coach, inspire and motivate your members to rise above the challenges of today’s sales environment. 
During this multi-day event, we’ll combine our talents and host a virtual cocktail reception with live entertainment and hear your “stories from the streets” to help both sellers and managers achieve a higher level of success.
Two special guest speakers will help kick off the Summit! The President and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters, Sen. Gordon H. Smith and the President of NASBA and the President/CEO of the Missouri Broadcasters Association, Mark Gordon.

Power Up Your Reporting
July 20-21

You will learn practical reporting skills you can use on your next shift. Over the course of two sessions, you will learn to think visually, even when you are working remotely, how to turn important (but hard to tell) topics into compelling stories, the secret to the first 10 seconds of a live shot, and the power of word-order in sentences.
Speaker: Al Tompkins, Poynter
Leading a Local Newsroom Through Uncertain Times
July 27-28
You will learn what leaders need to know about how to manage stress and trauma in their newsroom, how to communicate with your staff and send the right signals to your boss. You will discover how to lead Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials and Baby Boomers all in the same newsroom and how to have tough conversations that produce results.
Speaker: Al Tompkins, Poynter