Jacobs Media announces second COVID-19 study for radio

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The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has affected all aspects of Americans’ lives, from the way they shop, to how they are working (or not), to how they consume media. And since mid-March, when the pandemic first took hold, it seems every week brings change and uncertainty.

In response, Jacobs Media fielded its first national tracking study in late March to provide radio broadcasters with guidance to help them better understand the mood of the audience, how to adjust their programming, how their radio and entertainment habits had been impacted, as well as ways their spending habits are changing.

One month later, Jacobs Media is announcing its second coronavirus study, set to go into the field the week of May 11. While tracking key questions from the first study, among the new questions in this survey will be a list of entertainment, sports, cultural, and dining options to assess the degree to which respondents are interested in participating and their perceived degree of concern in doing so.

Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs said, “The impact of COVID-19 has disrupted broadcast radio, but timely data is key to the industry understanding the new landscape and adapting to it. This second tracking study will provide broadcasters with the quantitative ‘radar’ they need to shape their tactics and strategies.”

The second COVID-19 study is open to all commercial, public, and Christian music radio stations in the U.S., in partnership with the Radio Advertising Bureau, the Public Radio Program Directors Association, and Christian Music Broadcasters respectively. Registration information, survey timetables, and pricing can be found at jacobsmedia.com/covid-19-survey/.