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My enthusiasm for the future of broadcasting always crests this time of year.

This is the week my students start showing up to take me online class through UW-Whitewater, Journalism for the Web.

We no longer have to emphasize to students the challenges facing traditional media. They’re well aware, but they’re interested in getting into this business.

They see the challenges, and they want in. That’s what we need.

The challenge for me, as a teacher and someone who is working in the business, is to educate them about the business without making them feel as though they’re working in the same box the rest of us are working in.

We need to do our best to keep them outside this metaphoric box.

The enthusiasm these students bring to broadcasting is infectious. I’m convinced there is a bright future for the business, in large part, because of these students and their hunger to take something they love and build it for the future.

Remember this when you hire them. They are part of the audience we’re trying to reach. Find out what they think, and make sure they can step outside the box every now and then.