WBA Foundation Educational Support Grant Program taking applications now

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In 2010, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation Board of Directors created the Educational Support Grant Program. This program awa­­rds up to $10,000 annually to assist non-profit college and technical school broadcast education programs to acquire equipment, hardware, software, and/or other teaching materials necessary to conduct broadcast education programs and promote careers in broadcasting. 

Communications educators are invited to submit grant proposals for 2019 and we encourage educators to spread the word about the WBA Foundation’s Educational Support Grant Program.

In 2018, the WBA Foundation Board approved four grants totaling $9,977. The program has generated excellent response. Since the inception of the program, the WBA Foundation Board has issued $189,639 in Educational Support Grants. 

Below are Guidelines for the 2019 Educational Support Grant Program: 

2019 WBA Foundation Educational Support Grant Program

Grant Pool: Up To $10,000 Annually

Number of Grants: Variable within the $10,000 limit

Grant restrictions: Grants can be used for equipment, hardware, software or other materials used in teaching in broadcast education programs and/or to promote careers in broadcasting. The support equipment or materials acquired can be used in either the classroom or in broadcast facilities. No part of any grant can be used to fund financial support for faculty or support staff.

Matching & Other Participation Requirements: There are no requirements for matching funds under the program, however, the presence of matching funding or the integration of grant monies in a larger spending program will be taken into account by the WBA Foundation.

Consideration to the WBA Foundation: A regular annual report for a period of at least two years to the WBA Foundation Board regarding the progress of students for two years after they leave the grantee’s program is requested. Appropriate recognition, in an ongoing fashion, of the WBA Foundation grant is requested and grant applications should include a statement indicating how this will be accomplished.

2019 Deadline: Grant applications must be received in the WBA Foundation Office, Attn: Linda Baun, 44 E. Mifflin Street, Suite 900, Madison, WI 53703, by Friday, April 19.  Grants will be awarded by July 25 and grant funds may be disbursed upon request any time after the awards are announced.