UW-Green Bay sends thanks for grant money

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WBA Foundation,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing funds to us through the WBA Foundation Educational Support Grant.

The equipment is used in the following courses held on campus:

  1. Intro to TV Production
  2. Advanced TV Production
  3. Radio Production
  4. Stars of the Future (This is a pre-college program where middle school students from around Wisconsin spend two weeks on campus learning about video production and improving their study skills.)
  5. Student internships
  6. Various student projects for classes outside the Communications major.

Several of the pieces of gear used in the production of a highlight video from the 2017 Stars of the Future program were purchased through the WBA grant: lav mics, editing software, blank recording media, lighting equipment, production music, production slate, headphones, and camcorders.

For the UW-Green Bay introductory class (Comm 307) each student was required to produce a 10 minute talk show which included bringing in guests, writing an opening, preparing questions, and directing a four camera shoot of the show.

Coorespondence - UWGB (Foundation section) 3

Coorespondence - UWGB (Foundation section) 1

University officials recently informed me that they were planning to take our entire studio space and use it for our new engineering program. We had a combined effort among faculty, staff, and students and were able to preserve our large studio area. We lost a significant amount of space but retained our main TV production area. I made it very clear that we were able to provide some technology upgrades because of the WBA Foundation grant.

The grant is critical to our continued success and we very much appreciate the time and effort of the WBA Foundation. I look forward to my continued service on the WBA Education Committee and the student seminar held in Middleton.

Thank you,

Michael Schmitt