UW-Green Bay seeks to revive student media

In the News

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is embarking on a plan to revive its student media as part of the Communications Department.

Campus officials are working with local media companies as it plans for the revival of student media, seeking information about what skills future broadcasters will need to be successful employees. This includes soliciting feedback from the WBA and WBA member stations in the Green Bay area. The campus wants to enhance its curriculum with opportunities for students to get hands-on experience.

UW-Green Bay’s media facilities, under renovation in 2020-21, will provide students and faculty with state-of-the-art facilities and work areas. This space will host a unique collaboration between the Communication Program and the new Electrical Engineering Degree Program. This CELL space will be a true hub for communication, media, and electronic activities on campus while providing an environment to stimulate creativity, conversations and actions towards new programs, projects, scholarships, community collaboration, and innovation.

Plans for a campus radio station will extend the reach of campus into the local community. It will join forces with a growing podcast network: Phoenix Studios. In the newly remodeled facility, students will be busy working on audio and video production work, and the TV studio will be recording and broadcasting educational and entertainment-based content. Across campus, home soccer games will soon be broadcast to the community in both English and Spanish.

Students will also get experience in journalism with opportunities to create a range of content for the next phase in the evolution of the student newspaper: a multimedia platform that will serve UW-Green Bay’s expanded 16-country footprint with traditional journalism, long-form writing, reviews, sports, entertainment, video content, live streaming, e-sports, and whatever else the students can imagine.

The project also includes the creation of a lab for gaming and interactive media.