Understanding new forms of media

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Terry Stevenson
Seehafer Broadcasting Corp.

The advertising industry is constantly changing with new forms of media and opportunities to reach audiences coming onto the scene all the time.

As advertising executives, we need to be consistently staying up to date with these changes in order to give our clients the best and most successful campaigns possible.

As recently as ten years ago, it was not considered commonplace for businesses to have their own website, and now we’ve reached a time in which consumers expect the companies that they interact with to have a strong and vital online presence. As important as it is for each of us to know the ins and outs of our own broadcasting industry, it is just as critical for us to be aware of and familiar with the newest forms of social media. In my role as Sales Manager at Seehafer Broadcasting Corp., I encourage my team and make it a goal for myself to not simply provide high quality radio strategies, but to truly give our clients the best possible plan to reach their customer base, and that is why, for me, it is so important to be continuing to look outside of the box and into the realm of social media.

Another reason that it is so important for us as broadcasters and advertising executives to be familiar with the new and ever-changing media and social media platforms is that many of our clients are themselves unfamiliar and struggling to understand why these new ways of connecting are so important. I consider it an essential part of my effectiveness as an advertising executive to educate my clients and take them to these unfamiliar places, just as much as it’s my job to sell them on the understanding of how traditional advertising will work for them. I often have clients that I have to “talk into” using our social media platforms, and while they come in skeptical, they walk away with results that they never would have anticipated, such as new customers who wouldn’t have found them any other way, or new customers who were drawn in by the ability, for example, to see photos of their products or services.

As advertising executives within the broadcasting industry, it is an integral part of our job to continue to grow in our knowledge and understanding of new forms of media. By staying fresh and creative and incorporating these methods and platforms into campaigns for our clients, we are giving them a broader reach, a better result, and ultimately, the best possible experience that we can give them.