Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

Wisconsin radio and TV stations that participate in the NCSA/PEP program already know that it’s an important way to support the services provided by Your WBA.

But did you know that the WBA recently added a social media component to the NSCA/PEP program?

Many stations are already participating by sharing and retweeting social media posts on their station accounts. It only take a few clicks.

Here’s how it works:

A NCSA/PEP client creates their public service message and posts it to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The WBA helps them craft a message that stations will be interested in sharing with their social media audiences. The WBA sends stations a link to the client’s social posts. All the station has to do is share the Facebook post and retweet the link on their station accounts at a time of their choosing.

It’s that simple.

Example of NCSA/PEP social media post

Interested in participating? Have questions? Contact the WBA Director of Operations and Public Affairs, Kyle Geissler, at kgeissler@wi-broadcasters.org or 608-255-2600.

Thank you for your support of the WBA.

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