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NCSA/PEP stands for Non Commercial Sustaining Announcement/Public Education Program. It is an old Federal Communications Commission logging term indicating radio or television stations receive no revenue for the announcement. Instead, the revenues from an NCSA program help to fund the broadcasters’ statewide trade association, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. The program defrays the costs of conventions, seminars and communications programs of the WBA.

NCSA Funding

Government agencies and non-profit organizations that normally approach broadcasters for Public Service Time request a NCSA program. These organizations, which operate in the public interest, make a grant of funds to the WBA. WBA then requests its members to run NCSA announcements voluntarily at no charge for the benefit of WBA and its programs. Announcements supplied by the NCSA client are distributed by WBA to participating stations. Stations run the NCSA announcements on an as-available basis and send a monthly no charge, exact time performance affidavit to WBA. Stations are asked to value the time provided based on their regular rates charged to advertisers buying the same time periods for cash. The Association uses these figures to demonstrate to the NCSA client the cash value of the spots delivered across the entire state by both radio and television participants. An NCSA program provides a win-win result for participating WBA members whose Association grows stronger and for the NCSA client whose message is seen and heard statewide in all time periods and formats, reaching all demographic groups.

Social Media Component

The social media component of PEP allows sponsors to broaden the reach of their social media messages by leveraging the fan base of WBA member stations. The WBA selects television and radio stations to participate in the social media component of PEP to provide coverage throughout the state of Wisconsin.
Participating stations share a PEP sponsor’s message via Facebook and/or Twitter on a weekly basis. The “halo effect” of a trusted source sharing these messages increases engagement and clicks.

Download the NCSA/PEP program brochure for more information.

If you have question about the NCSA/PEP or are interested in participating, contact the WBA Office at 800-236-1922 and ask to speak with Michelle Vetterkind or email her at mvetterkind@wi-broadcasters.org. If you would like specific instructions on any schedule, ask to speak with Liz Boyd, NCSA/PEP Coordinator, or email her at lboyd@wi-broadcasters.org

Do you have a public education message for the state of Wisconsin?
The WBA’s Public Education Program may be the right fit for you. Government agencies and non-profit organizations using NCSA/PEP are diverse in scope, but all need to reach a broad cross-section of Wisconsinites in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Wisconsin Army National Guard Recruiting
  • U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting
  • Amber Alert Awareness
  • Internet Crimes Awareness
  • Boater, Hunter & Snowmobile Safety
  • Clean Air Programs
  • Endangered Resources
  • Prescription Drug Disposal
  • Recycling
  • Methamphetamine Awareness
  • Construction Zone Safety Promotions
  • Responsible Driving
  • Historic Sites & Arts Promotion
  • For more information on how you can find success through an NCSA/PEP campaign, please contact Michelle Vetterkind, WBA President & CEO at 800-236-1922.

    The content of NCSA/PEP campaign spots should be of benefit to the people of Wisconsin. Spots cannot include political messages, defamatory or disparaging materials. The WBA Board of Directors reserves the right to approve all NCSA/PEP campaigns and topics on a case-by-case basis.

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