Start 2022 by getting involved in your WBA

In the News

Your WBA is heading back to the Wisconsin State Capitol for our first WBA State Legislative Day since 2020. We’ll be at the State Capitol on Jan. 18 and appointments are being made right now. Building a constructive relationship with lawmakers is critical to making sure your local audiences can continue to be served with the best local information. We hope you’ll consider joining us in Madison. You can read more about State Legislative Day on page 2 and contact Kyle to RSVP:

The Student Seminar coming up in 2022 will involve more WBA members than ever before because for the first time ever, we’re holding the WBA Job Fair at the same time in the same hotel. We’ll be at the Madison Marriott West on March 5. Be sure to sign up for the job fair and meet the future of broadcasting in Wisconsin. You can learn more about the Job Fair on page 3 and the Student Seminar on pages 10-11. If you’re not a manager or in HR and still want to be involved, we’re also holding a speed networking session during the Student Seminar. To join, just let Kyle know you’re interested:

We’re always looking for new ways to help the next generation of broadcasters. We did something new and exciting in December by holding online meetings between students and broadcasters. Students signed up for 15-minute Zoom meetings with you, our valued WBA members who volunteered your time to share your expertise on landing a career in broadcasting. The feedback from the students has been positive and one broadcaster said he planned on offering a job to one of the students he met with. We’re most grateful to everyone who gave their time to this important effort.

We’re so excited to finally be bringing the Walker Broadcast Management Institute back to the UW School of Business in April! The Institute was postponed the last two years because of the pandemic and will now pick up where we left off in the three-year course cycle. Check out the agenda for the Institute here and be sure to contact Liz at to get on the roster for next April 19-21.

Your WBA Board and WBA Foundation Board accepted an invitation in December to celebrate the holidays with Interim UW System President and former Governor Tommy Thompson. He hosted a holiday reception Dec. 2 at Brittingham House in Madison. It was a wonderful gathering and Governor Thompson was a terrific host. Thompson is a recipient of the WBA Distinguished Service Award. Thank you to all the board members who attended!

Because we don’t want anyone to miss it, I can’t help but mention that the WBA Awards deadline is Jan. 12 at 6 p.m. We’re giving you a little more time this year, so take advantage and get your entries in early. We absolutely can’t wait to celebrate with you on May 7 at the Madison Marriott West!

My best wishes to you and your stations for a safe, happy, and prosperous 2022!

-Michelle Vetterkind, WBA President and CEO