Socializing returns to WBA Awards Gala in 2-night online event

In the News
Nobody does an awards gala like the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. Despite challenges and changes, the WBA Awards Committee has, once again, planned an Awards Gala we will “virtually” remember for years to come.
Presented over two nights:
Radio Awards: Friday, April 30 at 7 p.m.
TV Awards: Saturday, May 1 at 7 p.m.
ALL awards will be presented each night, including the News Operation and Station of the Year awards.
And before you ask, yes, we will be back at the Marriott next year – together, and on one night only.
Remember the good old days, when we chatted and networked and congratulated each other before and after the ceremony? Well, you can do that again this year! The gala will be hosted on the Remo platform, allowing you to not only sit with your team at a virtual table, but also video chat before and after the awards and during breaks, and send messages to your table mates during the presentation! And each night’s Station of the Year winners will be able to give their speeches!
Of course, some technical and logistical details are being worked out, so stay tuned!
All awards will be shipped to winning stations, with second and third place winners receiving certificates this year (plaques will be available for purchase).
So, make your WBA Awards Gala a team building celebration! You can choose your own theme this year – and, managers, consider creating individual “Watch Boxes” for your team members including snacks and single serving cocktails, or other treats and tchotchkes, as a special thank you for their extra hard work in 2020! Host a watch party and enjoy each other like we always do, just in a different place! Or just sit back and enjoy the presentation in the comfort of your own living room!
Registration is open. You can buy single tickets, fill a table, or fill several tables if you like. Tickets prices are greatly reduced this year, obviously, but still necessary to cover costs. The fantastic thing is that we’ll have room for everyone, as we’re not limited on table space!
We’re looking forward to a huge turnout on both evenings to award the efforts of our broadcasters throughout 2020. Cheers to a Gala as memorable as the year’s efforts we are celebrating!  

Nancy Douglass, WLKG
WBA Awards Committee