‘Saint or Scrooge’ raises money for children’s hospital

In the News

A promotion named Saint or Scrooge on Appleton classic rock station 105.7 WAPL raised $6,000 for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Listeners would call in for a $200 prize. They would then decide whether to be a Saint and donate all of it to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin or be a Scrooge and keep it for themselves. Listeners could also be a “Samaritan” by keeping $100 and donating $100.

All but one person decided to be a Saint and that one person opted to be a Samaritan. Donations on air equaled $3,500. 

The week following the Waukesha Christmas Parade incident, $200 over three days automatically went to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Two sponsors, Prospera Credit Union and Budweiser Zero, decided to match that $600, adding an additional $1,200 to the total. A local golf course also was inspired that week and opted to donate a portion of their bar sales that week raising an additional $650.

A finale broadcast at a local bar raised an additional $620 for a total of $5,970. Woodward donated an additional $30 to get it to our grand total, $6,000 donation, the promotion’s highest donation to date.