Positivity important as end to pandemic nears

In the News

Is it spring? As I write this, we are experiencing mild weather and many parts of Wisconsin have hit 50 degrees. After the bitter cold temperatures we had in February how can a person not think of spring.

We are steadily showing signs of ending the COVID pandemic. There was recent article from Dr. Marty Makary of John Hopkins University that said the U.S. could reach herd immunity early in the second quarter this year and may already being reaching it. He states that COVID cases have dropped 77 percent in the Untied States in the last six weeks. We try to provide positive facts like this to our staff, particularly our salespeople. When making sales calls, I want our people to be positive. The last thing a business owner wants is a salesperson with depressing news and we recommend that they do not participate in negative conversations with the business owner or agency. An upbeat sales rep is much more welcome at the business. As managers we need to try and create a positive environment for the entire staff.

Here is couple of more positive notes:

Brewers opening day is April 1 and the Brewers are asking for permission to have 16,000 fans!

The WBA Summer Convention has been moved to the end of August. We are very optimistic that we can make this happen. Plus, Sen. Gordon Smith the head of the NAB will be there as we celebrate our 70th anniversary.