Plenty to be hopeful for in 2021

In the News

2020. What an unbelievable year! Hopefully, we will never experience another year like that. The pandemic killed thousands and was devastating to businesses small and large. But the last thing you need to read is gloom and doom.

How about some good news:

Your WBA did an excellent job navigating through the postponements and cancellations in 2020. Hopefully, things will get back to normal this year and we can have some in-person events. Plans are being made to have our normal events if we are able.

WBA had a successful year financially and will show a surplus for the first time in many years. We had a strong year in sales for the NCSA/PEP program and a very diligent effort on holding the line on the expenses. Certainly, a great deal of the credit goes to Michelle and her staff. Also, credit goes to our board and a special committee that met a couple of years ago to review all our expenses and make recommendations. It is an ongoing process to operate as efficiently as possible.

The COVID vaccine is now in distribution. This is an incredible feat to have development and distribution in less than a year. Most analysts are forecasting an improved year for broadcasting. As markets become more normal, we should see events return. Will that be this summer? We can be optimistic and hope so, but they will return at some point! Maybe we will be able to attend sporting events this fall!

Happy New Year!