New WBA member benefit boosts trust in your website

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Your WBA is now a member of JournalList. As a member of JournalList, your WBA represents a network of trusted publishers in Wisconsin. JournalList uses your membership in the WBA as a signal of trust to give your websites a boost of credibility with search engines.

Working with JournalList, your WBA recently published a list of the websites of all of our member stations to a special file on the WBA website. This file is scanned by search engines, like Google, giving the search engines a list of websites they can consider “trusted.” It’s up to the search engine how to use that data, but naturally search engines are more inclined to share links to websites considered “trusted.”

This is a free WBA member benefit, and all you need to do is let us know if your website address ever changes so we can keep the file up-to-date.

Want to do more? Your station can also join JournalList. You’ll be able to publish your own trust file to your website and be able to add your social media pages to the listings. More importantly, the more stations that participate in publishing their own lists, the greater the network effect. In other words, it makes the whole program stronger.

You can learn more by contacting Kyle Geissler at the WBA ( or check out the JournalList website: