Marquette student to be recognized for leadership

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Tara Schumal

The general manager of the student-run television station on the Marquette University campus will be honored with the WBA Student Leadership Award.

Tara Schumal stood out right away as a leader, according to MU Director of Student Media, Mark Zoromski, who described how Schumal taught students who were new to the station.

“She was patient and kind and engaging, and her face beamed with delight as she watched her technical staff succeed,” he wrote.

Zoromski said Schumal was instrumental in making needed changes to the station’s culture. He described her as tough but graceful. He said that since she took the position of general manager, there has been, “tremendous improvement not just in the work atmosphere, but in quality as well.”

Schumal said that when others believe in you, you start to believe in yourself.

“When I became general manager, my goal was simple. No one would ever leave MUTV feeling defeated, useless and like they were not enough,” she wrote. “My mission was to empower others to do what seemed like the unthinkable: take MUTV seriously.”

Schumal said her leadership style is based on encouragement.

“Leading isn’t telling others what to do; it’s working alongside them, providing them with the tools and encouragement for solutions and success.”

Zoromski said Schumal is also making MUTV more relevant on campus.

Schumal will be recognized with the Student Leadership Award on March 2 at the WBA Student Seminar.