Learn about selling digital, digital and social legal issues, and livestreaming video

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Your WBA hosted three FREE webinars for WBA members last Thursday and the recordings are now available for those who missed the live events:

As broadcasters seek to find ways to monetize their digital offering and social media followers, legal issues arise. A broadcaster trying to sell advertising and conduct sponsored promotions on its digital and social platforms needs to worry about legal issues that arise not just from the FCC, but also issues from the FTC and other government agencies, as well as from state authorities. Join David Oxenford for a discussion of how to stay out of legal troubles in connection with your online advertising and promotions.

We certainly live in a digital world. Most media companies are striving to maximize total revenue and recognize one way to do so is by selling more digital. Here’s the problem, many salespeople across the country know more about selling their website than selling against the social media that clients “think” works. It’s time the sellers in our industry understood the message our clients need to hear. We definitely need to sell more of it but selling against properly could make more of an impact on your bottom line.

Radio isn’t just audio anymore! In this webinar, Peter Stewart, UK-based mobile journalism reporter and author of The Livestreaming Handbook, will demonstrate the value of using livestreaming video via a cellphone or desktop, to promote your shows and reflect your communities.

You’ll learn:

  • Dozens of content ideas and ways to engage visually and verbally
  • Tried and tested tips for promotion, audience participation and repurposing your video
  • The necessary equipment along with some of the newest gadgets for cellphone streaming
  • An overview of some of the ‘better-than-Zoom’ desktop streaming apps

You can always find our archived webinars here.