La Crosse morning show host retires after 32 years

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Half of a La Crosse morning show team is retiring.

Sam Strong and Keith Carr host the morning show on Classic Hits 94.7 (KCLH) in La Crosse. Strong is retiring after 32 years on the air with Carr.

Strong leaves behind a legacy of activism in the La Crosse community. She recalls helping collect goods for flood victims in Fargo in the early 2000s and gathering three semis full of donations.

“People were just so generous and it made me cry,” Strong said. “And, so whenever they send me out to one of those things where we’re collecting food donations or toy donations or something like that, I always cried and they always make fun of me because people are out here so generous.”

“Sam is the kind of person where, if you’re having a bad day, just go talk to Sam for a few minutes and suddenly everything’s better,” Mid-West Family GM Brian Jackson said. “You forget about it because she’s never not in a great mood. She’s never not smiling. She’s never not having fun. So, not having that presence around, will definitely be a loss for us.”

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