Keep social interaction going during pandemic

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….and it goes on and on. The pandemic continues with no end in sight. Sorry to start this column on such a depressing note. The biggest challenge we face is how to keep morale up. The age-old traditions of company Christmas parties or company picnics are being tabled until this COVID thing is brought under control.

How do you maintain social interaction with your staff or department? Can you accomplish it with a Zoom call? In future columns I will reach out to many of you for team building events you have done. By the nature of our business we have had many of these staff activities as part of our normal calendar, concerts, charity fundraising events, sporting events, etc. Now most everything is virtual. We need to think outside the box. People need social interaction, but how do we accomplish this and stay safe? Please share your successes when I call.

The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association has had a tremendous year despite the pandemic. Our small but very capable staff has managed to keep everything functioning by moving to virtual presentations. The latest virtual presentation was the Broadcasters Clinic in October with featured guest FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. This is another example of the stature that the WBA has in broadcasting. We are as good a state broadcast association as there is in the country!!! …and it is because of the great participation of the members!