‘It is time’ to submit your 2021 WBA Awards entries

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It is time.

Those were the words uttered by the late Kevin Greene, Pro Football Hall of Famer and former outside linebackers coach for the Green Bay Packers.

He uttered those words to his top player, Clay Matthews, in Super Bowl 45. He was telling Matthews it was time to step up and be a leader. To make a play.

After those words, Matthews went on to make a game changing play and forced a Steelers fumble.

And we know the rest of the story. The Packers would go on to win the Super Bowl.

But those words, “It is time,” should also be used right now for your WBA Award submissions!

I’m a sports guy. Of course, I need to use that sports analogy for the WBA awards!

In case you haven’t noticed by the songs, the decorations, and all the lights, Christmas is here. I’m sure I’m like many of you who love Christmas. Opening gifts, the food, spending time with family and friends. It’s also a very busy time where many of us take time off from work and we kind of forget about anything that’s over the horizon.

And that includes submitting your nominations for the WBA Awards.

The deadline to submit your WBA entries is Jan. 12 at 6 p.m. That’s fewer than 10 days from Jan. 3, the Monday after New Year’s Day. And when you get back to work, you probably have a lot of other items to catch up on in the new year and before you know it, you’re scrambling to get your entries in and tracking down everyone to collect their entries. Then you’re double checking that it fits the rules and guidelines and the shot clock is ticking to get everything in on time.

Don’t start your new year off with a stressful situation. The WBA Awards are a fun and exciting time so make it easier on yourself and submit your entries sooner rather than later!

It. Is. Time.

Have a game plan ready for your WBA entries and start submitting them as soon as you can so you’re not in danger of running out the clock, or rushing it, and you end up violating some of the rules and being disqualified. Work with your staff and team members at this very minute so they can get their stuff ready for submission as well.

Get that checklist created, go through your options, and check them twice! Narrow down which entries you want to submit for a WBA award. Have multiple options to submit for best show? Use this time to analyze them and figure out which audio pieces you want to use. If you wait until the very last minute, you’re in danger of rushing and not submitting your very best product. And as we’ve seen throughout the years, the competition is tough. So put forth your best!

And don’t be afraid or nervous to submit your awards. More than likely you are your very own worst critic. I know this from experience. I was originally too nervous to submit entries because I didn’t feel like I was very good. But once I started submitting and then making it to the gala, my competitive spirit kicked in and now I’m hooked! Submitting for the WBA awards has made me strive to be better at my job, but also able to check out the amazing work our state does and pushing me up my game and performance. In my opinion, submitting for the awards pushes you to be better at your craft.

I have a marker board in my office with the categories I plan on submitting for. I do this every year. It’s made a difference in terms of what my goals are each year and helps me keep track of my progress for submissions. It works for me and maybe could work for you as well!

Remember these three little words:

It. Is. Time.

Work on getting your submissions ready now!

Have a Happy New Year WBA members!

-Dan Kasper, WBA Awards Committee