Find opportunities for bettering yourself after pandemic

Educators In the News

You probably read the book, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Or, maybe that’s on your To Do list.

Years ago I heard of this great book to reorder my life and accomplish more in less time. I called the bookstore and ordered a copy. Soon after, the store manager called, “Mike, your book “Getting Things Done” is here at Janke Bookstore.” I said, “Great, I’ll swing by and pick it up tomorrow.” Two weeks passed! The phone rang at the radio station, “Mike, your book, “Getting Things Done” is still here at the bookstore!” I replied, “Yeah, would you read me a couple chapters over the phone? Then I’ll probably be right over.”

Sometimes a triggering event jars us into a better direction. The pandemic (or call it the damn-panic) was more than jarring, it was absolutely tragic for many people. So, what’s next?

Usually attributed to Buddha, the saying goes, “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.” Ready or not, the education of a lifetime just happened, so let’s go to market with our hard-earned diploma.

Here are some opportunities to slingshot out of this era:

  1. Celebrate your resilience. You have your call letters, a more resilient broadcast team, and the realization that you can do more with less. If good times mask a poor performance, then tough times reveal an amazing performance! (With or without a mask.)
  2. Embrace the work-life integration that today’s workforce expects. Neil Diamond sang, “Money talks, but it don’t sing and dance, and…” You get the idea. Culture is the new currency.
  3. Realize greater efficiency with home offices. The damn-panic forced our hand with home studios, work-from-home sales forces, and Zoom meetings with an agenda…and yes, you look great in pajamas. Ultimately, our connected workforce will save money while enhancing productivity.
  4. Become a Creative Team of Marketing Consultants. We’ve had more time at home to study our craft and learn. Now let’s get in the field and earn. Advertisers are seeking customized solutions, not just sponsorships. Share your knowledge. Each marketing plan should be client-centric…dripping with ways to sell their stuff, not ours. Consider branding strategies, spec spots, liners, social media, event marketing…multiple platforms.
  5. Build new revenue budgets based on today’s reality. Engage your team.
  6. Seize the burgeoning business categories: Air purifiers, home and office cleaning services, pet stores, veterinarians, groomers, home based catering, meals-to-go, organic foods, healthcare, fitness clubs, finance, bike stores, gardening, home improvement, home entertainment, one-tank vacations, RV’s, boats, everything automotive, real estate, recruitment, staffing firms, online tutoring, career coaching, counseling, virtual learning, and events! All events need radio and television advertising to re-build their brand and let people know the party is back! Yes, music in in the air!

Let’s re-focus and make it a great year! In the words of David Allen, “You can do anything, but not everything!”

Mike O’Brien
O’Brien Betterment
WBA Education Committee member