Eau Claire film series puts focus on journalism

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Eau Claire film series puts focus on journalism - Jan Larson (WEB)

An effort to draw attention to the work of journalism in local communities is bringing people together to watch films in the Eau Claire area.

Monday’s showing of “Spotlight” is part of Wisconsin Humanities Council project called “Beyond The Headlines.” The WBA Foundation is sponsoring the film showings.

“Spotlight” is the Oscar-winning story of how reporters from the Boston Globe investigated and broke the story of widespread sexual abuse by priests and the church’s cover-up. Following the movie, there was a discussion of the role of journalists in our society and what impact reporting like this has on the community.

The second film, “The Florida Project” was shown on Oct. 15. It featured Willem Defoe as the manager of a rundown motel outside Disney World in Orlando; a place whose residents are the “working poor”. After the film, participants had a chance to talk to local journalists about how they cover the issue of income insecurity in the Chippewa Valley.

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