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You may have unanswered questions regarding how to grow your digital results following the uncertainty of 2020.

SoCast assembled a panel of experts in the radio industry to give you the answers you need to accelerate your digital growth. The webinar was held Wednesday, but you can watch it now.

Find a link to the video here (members only).

The panel included:

R.A.B Senior Vice President of Professional Development, Jeff Schmidt
Social Media Jedi, and Morning Show Host on HOT 93.3 in Dallas Bret Mega
SoCast’s very own Ux expert, Steve Ulrich
Stream Guys Global Account Manager, Tim Labelle

They answered questions regarding:

  • Strategies & tools to grow digital revenue
  • Everything you need to know about digital streaming and podcasting
  • Digital user experience & engagement best practices
  • How to use social media & content to drive website traffic and audience growth

Find the video here.