Broadcasters step up to help Wisconsin through pandemic

In the News

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. It is what good broadcasting stations have and why our listeners and viewers tune in. Sure, they want to be entertained with good programming, but if we are not keeping them informed on what is going on in the market, we will lose them. They will find it someplace else.

When discussing this with our programming people I emphasize FOMO. Be topical but also be pertinent. Give our listeners something they can use or need to know about current conditions. A great compliment for our announcers is when a listener says “… did you hear what (the announcer) said this morning”. To our sales staff, FOMO is a key asset of our stations and the most important thing we have to sell.

In times like this FOMO is especially important. We need to inform listeners and viewers on the news about the pandemic and what resources are available if they need assistance. Wisconsin broadcasters have really stepped up, airing announcements at no charge to let people know about businesses that are still open in whatever capacity, doing fundraising events for needy individuals and organizations like food pantries, and the Red Cross. This has always been our mission. Way to go Wisconsin broadcasters!

We have lost several WBA Hall of Famers this year. One that I would like to mention is Willie Davis. Most people in Wisconsin know him as a legendary Green Bay Packer. We were fortunate to know him as a broadcaster. Those of us who were lucky enough to meet him know him as one of the genuinely greatest people you will ever meet.