Broadcasters should be ‘proud to serve’

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Each year, Mike O’Brien and I team up at the Student Seminar for a session on advertising sales. The session provides a great introduction to radio and television sales and demonstrates how it impacts station operations. We also talk about the traits that are important in a broadcast salesperson…the salesperson DNA.

Every year Mike uses the phrase “servant’s heart.” He explains to the students that the best account executives/salespeople at their core want to help businesses grow. They have a servant’s heart.

The WBA is lucky to have a collection of committee members and board members that have a servant’s heart. Without a strong membership, our association would faulter. We are fiscally strong because our members are active and participate. The leadership of Michelle Vetterkind and her team is unmatched by any other state association, but that same team can’t do everything our membership needs. A modern association must have members that don’t simply pay dues or fill board seats, they must participate with a servant’s heart. Our Wisconsin Broadcasters Association has such a heart.

During my time on the Board and on the Executive team, that enthusiasm has not been lost on me. Since 2014, I have had the opportunity to work with the finest broadcasters in Wisconsin. I have become more knowledgeable on the threats that face our industry. To put it simply, I’ve become a better broadcaster because of all of you. I am proud to serve as Chair of the WBA and will do so with a servant’s heart.

Don Vesely is currently Vice-President and General Manager of WMTV television in Madison, WI.  Previously, Don worked in Rockford, Illinois from 1994-2001.  Since October 2001, he has worked at WMTV in the roles of Account Executive, Local Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, and GM.  Don succeeded WBA Hall of Famer Bob Smith as GM in 2013 when Bob was promoted to Chief Operating Officer for Gray Television.