2021 WBA Awards brochure released

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The 2021 WBA Awards for Excellence brochure is out and it includes some changes. Copies are in the mail, but you can also download it here.

Here’s an update from Your WBA Awards Committee Co-Chairs:
Do Scott and I ever look forward to seeing all of you again in-person and live (for real this time)! We’re deep into planning mode for throwing one big *** party in May 2022. No specific theme…just bring yourself , your teams, dress nice, and be ready to have fun!
Your WBA Awards Gala Committee has met a couple of times and continues to be full of thoughtful ideas and input on how to make our Gala better and better. Here are some specifics that effect this year:
Special Categories
  • Best Coverage of Pandemic Recovery
Category Temporarily Paused During the Pandemic coming back  
  • Television – Best Sports Promotion
Fees Structure Back to Pre-Pandemic
  • $45 for Television
  • $35 Radio
We also have a committee update to make all of you aware of:
  • Dan Kasper with Midwest Family in Eau Claire joined the Awards Committee. He is a welcome addition and brings lots of new ideas.
We want to recognize the committee members who do all the heavy lifting. This truly is our favorite group of industry professionals to work with. No one is afraid to speak their mind. They all do great work and care deeply for our industry and the Awards Gala.
  • Nancy Douglass – WLKG-FM, Lake Geneva
  • Jill Genter – WKOW-TV, Madison
  • Dan Kasper – Mid-West Family – Eau Claire
  • Robert Kennedy – WTAQ AM/FM, Green Bay
  • Heather Reese – PBS Wisconsin
  • Tom Swigert – Hearst Broadcasting, Milwaukee
We’ll see all of you next year at the Marriot Madison West on May 7, 2022!
Kelly Radandt and Scott Chorski
Awards Committee Co-Chairs