YP Corner: The trick to bulking up your saving account

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Heather Poltrock

I know January is the month when most people set goals or resolutions, but for me, spring, especially March is when I make the most change in my life.

For one, I usually get my tax refund and two; what aids change better than a change in the weather?

This month, I’ll focus my YP articles on smart money moves.

By far, the best money-saving tip I’ve ever picked up was having a saving account at a bank different than where my checking account is.

Previously, when the two accounts were connected at the same bank, I’d continually ‘rob’ myself to get things I wanted. (Notice how I said ‘wanted’ instead of ‘needed’?) 

My current savings account, which is a joint savings account with my husband, has no debit or checkbook connected. That means if we want money from it, we have to drive there and get it. Since that money never ends up in our checking account, because it is directly deposited into savings, we never think about it or make plans to spend it.

I get paid twice a month. From each paycheck, I have $100 automatically transferred to the savings account. My husband is paid weekly and automatically transfers $60. In a few years’ time, we’ve been able to save an incredible amount.

If you’re interested in setting up automatic deposits into a separate account, you’ll likely only need to fill out a new form from your station office manager or HR department. If that’s not an option, most banks allow you to divert funds from your checking account to another account.

Heather Poltrock, WSAW-TV, Wausau