Young professionals should focus on work, life balance

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Cory Gylock

As I sit here on #SuperMonday, reflecting back on another crazy Packer postseason run and final Super Bowl push over the last several weeks, I am reminded of the importance of “unplugging.”

Balancing work and life is something that seems tricky for Young Professionals. For most YPs, life leading up to being a professional is a series of “short sprints,” making balancing life and school a very simple thing to do. Elementary school, followed by middle school, then high school, and finally college, these “short sprints” not only consist of shorter days but also longer breaks, giving students something to always be looking forward to.

At what point is a YP actually prepared for the “marathon” that is having a career? Most often times the answer is that they are not prepared, they just get thrown into the “marathon” with a lifelong training in “short sprints” and are expected to just figure out how to make it all work within the framework of their life.

As you begin your career journey, the work/life balance that you are comfortable with should be just as important to consider as your career path itself.

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Cory Gylock, WLAX-TV, La Crosse