Young professionals hone their skills at ‘The Toolbox’

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Recently more than 30 young broadcasters came out for the second annual Toolbox Conference, put on by the WBA Young Professionals Committee. The Toolbox was a one-day young professional conference held at The Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake during this year’s WBA Summer Conference featuring a range of speakers and panels that focused on timely topics that are challenging young professionals every day.

Speakers talked about investigative reporting, as well as a personal account of surviving a workplace shooting. Three expert panels weighed in on issues such as fighting burnout, new media influences, and young professionals in broadcasting.

The purpose of The Toolbox is to provide skills and resources for well-rounded young professionals in the broadcasting industry by fostering better communication skills in the workplace, encouraging stronger relationships within communities, and creating dynamic leaders in the industry. By sharpening the tools that young professionals use on a day-to-day basis, whole organizations will benefit and become stronger and the industry itself will continue to move forward in a competitive and relevant way.

Thank you to The Toolbox sponsors: Quincy Media, Mid-West Family Broadcasting, Gray Television and Seehafer Broadcasting.

In addition, I’d like to personally thank our amazing speakers and panelists as well as the young professionals who attended this event along with their companies who made their attendance possible.

Thank you to the WBA Board of Directors as well as the YP Committee members for their support of this event.

Thank you to to my partner, Amy Pflugshaupt, co-host and moderator of this year’s event who did a fantastic job! It was an honor working with you.

And finally, a very special thanks to Hannah Anderson, who co-founder this event with me last year and has worked behind the scenes in making this year’s Toolbox another major success. Hannah, this will forever be part of your legacy with the WBA. 

Until 2020 … 

Terry Stevenson
Seehafer Broadcasting