Wisconsin Rapids stations cut ribbon on new location

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A group of radio stations in Wisconsin Rapids is coming together in a newly renovated building.

In April 2021, AM 1320 WFHR was purchased by Heart of Wisconsin Media, joining 105.5 FM WIRI and 106 FM WCWI. A new building for the stations was purchased and renovations began in the summer.

WIRI County Legends 24/7 on 105.5 FM got its call letters in June. It had been WLJY. All three stations are also under a new automation system.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Dec. 1 at the new location at 1690 2nd Ave South in Wisconsin Rapids.

Beginning in January, WFHR changed a considerable amount of the syndicated programming to playing more music on the LRN Music System. Emphasis is being placed on locally produced programming on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. with a growing amount of locally produced programming on the weekends as well. WFHR is simulcasting on 97.5 FM with the ability to cater to new audiences and offer a broadened listening options to long time radio listeners.