Wisconsin Broadcasters Association
The May/June issue of the Wisconsin Broadcaster is now available. You can download it here [PDF].
Highlights from his issue:
    • WBA Chair Steve Lavin challenges a convention of marketing.
    • WBA President and CEO Michelle Vetterkind highlights the major headlines from the WBA.
    • Broadcasters participate in tornado warning tests
    • Avoid FCC files by activating your public file
    • The agenda for the WBA Summer Conference is announced, along with MTI Lite, Engineering Day, and “The Toolbox”
    • Elevate your mobile game with push notifications
    • Meet this year’s Local Broadcast Legends
    • The WBA Young Professionals have some new opportunities for your young professionals.
    • Two new members join the Legacy Club
    • Huge crowd turns out for WBA Student Seminar
    • Update on legislation regarding police body cameras
    • Sign up for the Doug Chickering WIAA Sports Workshop at Miller Park
    • 10 graduates finish the Walker Broadcast Management Institute
    • The WBA Hall of Fame announces four new inductees.
    • Names in Wisconsin broadcasting news
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