When choosing a role, be a hero

In the News Young Professionals
Katie Warren

Donald Miller (the creator of Story Brand) mentions the roles of our personal characters. In all of us, we have a villain, a victim, a hero, and a guide. 

  • The Villain in you experiences a negative emotion and wants everyone else to feel it too. The problem? It leads to self destruction and compliant minions rather than friends.
  • The Victim in you wants to attract resources and be rescued to avoid responsibilities. The problem? the Victim never transforms and never gets the glory. 
  • The Hero is the toughest role because the hero faces a challenge head on. The push through uncertainty and act in faith, always reaching for hope.The hero transforms.
  • The Guide helps other heroes win. They want to help and use their wisdom/experiences to help others. 

The goal? Be courageous and play the hero so that you can later become the guide. Can you pinpoint each of these emotions throughout the day? Self awareness is the first step to changing your mindset!

We all have tendencies of each of these characters throughout every day.  Which character will you give the energy to?

Katie Warren, Midwest Communications, Green Bay