WBA mentorship program renewed

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Calling all broadcasters!  I am pleased to announce the renewal of the WBA mentorship program. We need members to either sign up any of your new young professionals, or to volunteer your time to mentor a young broadcaster.

Many successful broadcasters have had a mentor figure at some point in their life. To ensure that we have a future of great leaders in our field, we believe it’s vital to provide the means for young broadcasters to grow and learn the skills that can turn them into leaders for our industry. 

If you’re in a leadership position at your station (general manager, program director, sales manager, etc.) you may have had someone that was a big influence on your career… someone that helped you realize “I really can do this!” We hope that you would share those experiences, and volunteer your time in the next year to mentor a young broadcast professional.

Also, we ask that you sign up any of your new employees to be a mentee. The time commitment is only as much as both mentor and mentee wish, whether it’s communicating every week or only a few keys times throughout the year. While it is not required, we highly encourage both parties to make efforts to meet in person if possible. Even in a world of incredible communication options, nothing can replace a simple face-to-face conversation.

Mentors and mentees will be matched up in the coming months, with an initial meeting for everyone at this year’s summer conference in Sheboygan!  The Young Professionals Committee will be hosting a meet and greet between mentors and mentees, followed by a fun social activity for everyone afterwards.

Thank you very much for considering a mentorship and for signing up your own employees for the program. Let’s help our young professionals become the leaders they were meant to be!