WBA Gala award presenters announced

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The radio and television personalities who will present the awards at the WBA Gala on May 7 have been announced.
The award presenters represent the stations that won Station of the Year awards last year. Stations representing radio will present the television awards and stations representing television will present the radio awards.
There’s no official theme this year. We are just excited to get everybody back together! Registration deadline is April 27.
Tickets are $75/each. Tables of ten are available. Register Here.
The award presenters are as follows:
Large Market TV: WISN-TV
Diana Gutiérrez
Lindsey Slater
Medium Market TV: WKOW-TV
Amber Noggle
George Smith

Small Market TV: WSAW-TV

Kassandra Sepeda
Jeff Thelen

Large Market Music: WJQM

DJ Fusion

Medium Market Music: WOZZ-FM

Paul Belky
Nikki Montgomery

Small Market Music: WCOW-FM

Arnie Andrews
Ben Butler

Large Market News/Talk: WTMJ-AM

Debbie Lazaga
Melissa Barclay

Medium Market News/Talk: WOMT-AM

Jim Medley
Emily Tillman

Small Market News/Talk: WBEV-AM

Tom Rehfeldt
Amy Brandt

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