WBA Board spells out strategic plan for coming years

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Late last year, the WBA Board began the important process of building a new strategic plan. The strategic plan we are currently using is one we have used a bit longer than we normally would have, due to the great disrupter of our lifetime – COVID. Ideally though we strive to build a plan that will guide us over the next five-year cycle, we also commit to periodic evaluations and tweaks to tackle changes or challenges that pop up.

While our new plan is in process, I assure you it is being built carefully with a thoughtful approach to the opportunities and headwinds before us. Our process began with the full board’s input on the new WBA Long Range Plan in October 2022. We “leaned in” to our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the challenges before us. Those challenges include recruiting hurdles, redefining ourselves as “trusted local broadcasters,” and ensuring that members and our communities truly understand the vital role we play in the country today. We have never been more needed than now. What we do matters!

We also utilized a fantastic facilitator, Susan Thomson of ActionCOACH, to keep us focused and nimble. Following the initial meeting, Susan worked with Michelle and Kyle to consolidate our comments and find common themes for next steps. At the January board meeting it was decided that a smaller group would come back to the full board with recommendations from those common themes. That smaller group met in Madison in March and further defined our intended goals and objectives. We presented it to the full board at our April board meeting.  

I am happy to report that things are progressing nicely on our new strategic planning process. I will also add that executing a strong and focused plan is key to any successful organization, so is the consistency of leadership of that organization both within the board and among the staff. We are extremely fortunate to have Michelle in her role as our CEO, a position she has thrived in for many years. And we are also lucky to have Kyle fulfilling his key role. 

The bottom line is that as we move forward to meet the challenges ahead, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association is nicely aligned for continued success.

Jan Wade
WBA Board Chair