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Engineering Fellowship Grant Program

The WBA and the WBA Foundation appreciate those who committed to broadcast engineering as a profession. They realize that all broadcast engineers must stay current in broadcast engineering knowledge, skills, practices and technologies, and that it involves an investment of time and money.

As the broadcast industry evolves, so must our understanding of how to implement new media transmission. Unfortunately, busy schedules and tight budgets for most engineering departments often do not allow engineers to learn new skills and grow their understanding of new technology.

The WBA and the WBA Foundation would like to provide a possible solution by offering Engineering Fellowship Grants. This program is meant to provide a stipend for continuing education in broadcast engineering for senior broadcast engineers currently serving Wisconsin member stations. Senior broadcast engineers who are interested must apply directly to the WBA. The WBA Foundation will award five $1,000 grants statewide. These grants are to be used for continuing engineering education in courses such as information technology/networking, engineering leadership/management, electrical engineering/transmission, and other new technology training. The grants are NOT to be used to attend trade shows. They are intended for enrollment in continuing education courses, post-secondary education courses, or factory training on broadcast equipment.  The grants may be used to attend such courses. Grant recipients will be expected to provide the WBA with an after-event report on the use of the grant.

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One grant awarded

Get your application in today!

Congratulations to Britny Williams from Wisconsin Public Radio. Britny is into a more behind-the-scenes engineering roll and will be putting a grant toward an associate degree in electrical engineering.

“Britny has it all: Drive, ability, enthusiasm, logic, creativity, and a willingness to try,” said Steve Johnston, WPR Director of Engineering and Operations. “I’ve mentored and supervised her at WPR as she moved through promotions from part-time student employee to a full-time recording engineer, and now a full-time broadcast engineer.  A true ‘can-do’ spirit pervades everything she does. And perhaps particularly appropriate to a young person in our field, she cares about where the industry is headed and wants to do her part to serve the listeners in the long term.”

For more information on both of these valuable and timely initiatives,visit the WBA’s Website at www.wi-broadcasters.org or contact WBA Vice President Linda Baun at 800-236-1922 or lbaun@wi-broadcasters.org