Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

WBA President and CEO Michelle Vetterkind testified twice to state lawmakers in support of repealing Wisconsin’s personal property tax. She testified on May 24 before the Senate Committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions and Rural Issues and on June 1 before the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.

Vetterkind argued that the personal property tax is a burden to broadcasters, who maintain many pieces of equipment subject to the tax.

“The next time you are in your local TV or radio station to do an interview or a show, take a look around at all the equipment that is needed to put the interview you just did out over the air,” Vetterkind testified.

Examples of equipment that is subject to the tax include:

  • Towers
  • Furniture, fixtures, and office equipment
  • Copiers, phone systems, equipment with embedded computerized equipment
  • Transmitters, field cameras
  • Studio fixtures and sets
  • Lighting
  • Stationary cameras
  • Control room board, monitors, microphones 
  • MMJ Kits – computers with hot spot/cell phone/teleprompter (used for remotes)
  • All vehicles including satellite trucks
  • Federally mandated equipment used for EAS (Emergency Alert System, including Severe Weather Announcements and Amber Alerts to notify Wisconsinites when harmful weather is approaching or when a child is missing). 

“Like all of these businesses you are hearing from today that pay the tax, it means less working capital to invest in new equipment, create more jobs or grow sales and customers,” Vetterkind said.

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