UW diversity and inclusion expert to address Walker Institute

In the News

Binnu Palta Hill, the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Wisconsin School of Business, will be the guest speaker at the 2020 Walker Broadcast Management Institute dinner.

The dinner will be held at April 15 at the Fluno Center on the UW campus as part of the 2020 Walker Broadcast Management Institute.

Hill’s address is titled, “Enhancing Employee Engagement, Innovation and Performance by Leading Inclusively.”

Managers have a direct impact engagement and performance of their team members. Research shows that leaders who practice inclusive leadership are able to nurture cohesive teams with lower turnover and higher performance than their counterparts. In this session, we will examine the signature traits of an inclusive leader, including the mindset and behaviors that enable us to become more effective and influential. 

Hill leads the Office of Diversity by developing and leading the school’s diversity and inclusion strategy. She is responsible for integrating diversity and inclusion strategic goals in all programs, departments, and units through partnerships with chairs, faculty, program leadership, and staff.

The 2020 Institute marks the second year of another 3-year cycle. Students may join the cycle at any time. It is designed for broadcast managers and those seeking or being prepared for broadcast management positions.

The 2020 sessions are:

April 14 – Financial Management for Broadcasters with Tom Walker, President, Mid-West Management.

April 15 – Customer Service with Moses Altsech, UW School of Business marketing instructor and President of Altsech Marketing

April 16 – Investigating Leadership Style with Steve King, retired Executive Director of the UW Business School’s Center for Professional and Executive Development

Click here for more information and please call the WBA office at 608-255-2600 to register.