Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

On April 12 at 1:45 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., two statewide tests of the Tornado Warning EAS code were conducted in Wisconsin.

The tests were originated independently by the five National Weather Service (NWS) offices that serve Wisconsin, and those NWS offices did a good job of issuing the tests at the exact same time in all areas leading to well synchronized tests statewide. Although the tests were largely successful, there were some audio issues that resulted from the use of new NWS software that is still having the bugs worked out. These issues will likely be resolved by next year’s test time.

This test day is another fine example of the close cooperation between your WBA and Wisconsin’s broadcasters, NWS, and Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM). The WBA thanks all Wisconsin broadcasters for participating in not only airing this year’s tests, but in the time you devoted to promoting the tests in the week leading up to test day.

On a related note, the FCC recently released the results of the Sept. 27, 2017 Nationwide EAS Test. Although numbers were not broken out by state, these were the nationwide numbers for all reporting EAS Participants (radio, TV, and cable): 96 percent successfully received the test, 92 percent successfully retransmitted the test, and 89 percent reported no complications with the test. These are all improved numbers over the 2016 nationwide test results. The FCC and FEMA have indicated their intent to continue these tests, with the next one to be issued in fall of 2018.

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