Toolbox restocked for 2020

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Terry Stevenson

Throughout my time with the WBA and as a founding member of the WBA’s Young Professionals group, I’ve always been outspoken about my belief in continuing education as a foundation for a successful career. As the world around us evolves and technology advances, communication styles change and influence the way people interact with the world on a daily basis. As professionals in the business world and specifically in the broadcasting industry, it is important for us to stay current with the changes around us, both to better serve our clients and our audiences as well as to stay relevant within our networks and communities.

The Young Professionals we will be bringing “The Toolbox” to the WBA Summer Conference for the third time this year, hosted by myself, Terry Stevenson, along with Amy Pflugshaupt from NBC 15 (WMTV-TV).

“The Toolbox” is a one-day conference specifically geared for young professionals, taking place Thursday, June 18 in La Crosse. The purpose of “The Toolbox” is to provide skills and resources for well-rounded young professionals in the broadcasting industry by fostering better communication skills in the workplace, encouraging stronger relationships within communities, and creating dynamic leaders in the industry. By sharpening the tools that young professionals use on a day-to-day basis, whole organizations will benefit and become stronger and the industry itself will continue to move forward in a competitive and relevant way.

I’d like to encourage you to consider enrolling your young professionals in this one-day conference. More than 40 young professionals were in attendance last summer for a day of enrichment and the responses from participants and sponsors were overwhelmingly positive. Topics to be covered at this summer’s conference include: 

  1. Moving Up, Not Out: A panel discussion of broadcasters who left the industry only to find their way back home
  2. Digital Tools: A keynote discussion on what’s current and what’s to come
  3. Teamwork: A panel discussion on how everyone plays a role in the success of the company
  4. Politics and Broadcasting: A discussion on how to stay neutral in news reporting and the impact of political advertising.

We would not be able to host such an event without our wonderful sponsors, and we are currently welcoming sponsors for next summer’s conference. For more information or to become an official sponsor for this event, please contact myself at 920-242-0560 or by emailing

Terry Stevenson, Seehafer Broadcasting, Manitowoc