Tips to grow your station Facebook page

Social & Digital Young Professionals

Does growing your station’s Facebook page, or any other social platform, seem like a daunting/ time-consuming task? If so, I have some tips to supplement the content you’re already sharing!

Post engaging content

As more and more people turn to social media to get their news, you want to make sure your content is showing up on your followers’ feeds first. One way to make that happen is by creating content that your audience wants to engage with. If your post is creating a conversation, Facebook will deem that post as important and make it show up for your followers before less-engaging content. 

How do you make a post engaging? Ask a question! The first graphic is going to garner a lot more comments than the second graphic.


Engage with your audience

Having a smaller number of dedicated/engaged followers is better than having a ton of ‘ghost followers.’ A follower who doesn’t engage with your content will not benefit your page in the long-run. A great way to recruit dedicated followers is to engage with them!

How do you feel when a brand or celebrity responds to you on social media? Probably pretty good! That’s how your audience feels.Your audience will feel more connected and dedicated to a brand (aka your station) if they feel like they have a personal relationship with you.

Respond to comments on your station page as the station or assign on-air talent to respond to followers once and awhile.

Create shareable content

If your audience shares your post, that means their friends are seeing it as well, and allows a greater chance for more people to discover your page. So, what makes a post shareable? Some attributes to a shareable post include shocking, noteworthy, useful or easy to consume (short and to the point text). Also, posts with images or videos are more likely to be shared than a link or status. 

This post has an image, gives noteworthy information, asks a question and has a link to more info. No wonder this performed well! This post had more than 1,500 shares.


Recruit your followers from other social platforms. Share your Facebook post on Twitter, have a swipe up to your Facebook page on an Instagram story. Remind them why they should be following you on Facebook (what will a follower benefit from following your Facebook page that they won’t get from your Twitter?). Also, help your on-air talent by sharing their posts on your page as well.

Get personal

Show off your skills, your talent, and what’s going on around the station. Your viewers are curious and they love to engage with light-hearted content. 

  • Make use of Facebook lives
  • Show any new features or faces around the newsroom
  • Share life updates of your on-air talent
  • What do your anchors do off air? Take selfies? They want to see that too!

If you follow these tips, I guarantee that you will have a healthier Facebook page!

If you have any questions, you can reach me at or message me on my work Facebook page.

Andrea Stegman is a Social Media Specialist for Gray TV. She is stationed at NBC15 in Madison and works with all stations in Grays 93+ markets.