The times they are a changin’

Educators In the News

Mike O’Brien

Who would have guessed that college drop-out, poet, musician, Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan, would receive The Nobel Prize laureate in literature?

Then again, who knew that Mick Jagger would become Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger? The times…they are a changin’!

My take: when you combine talent and work hard with a love of your craft…and stay true to yourself…people notice. They also pay tribute with their time, money, and accolades. More on that later.

The NAB Radio Show was held in Nashville this year. It was time for me to return…and re-learn. There’s an ancient eastern saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

So, here is a cliff-notes version of some sayings from various teachers at the NAB conference:

 “I am just a guide. The caller that became debt free is the hero. Be the guide while making your advertiser the hero.” 

~Dave Ramsey

“When I changed the Lifelock messages “to be me”…it worked. Now all of my endorsements are more real.”

~iHeart Morning Show Host, Bobby Bones

“Now 85% of consumers pre-shop. The “virtual doorway” has become more important than the actual doorway.”

~G. Leith, Vendasta

“We don’t have departments. People built empires, so now we have client teams.”

~Ed Gorman, Carat USA

“Rather than ratings, sell connections to your community.”

~Ben Thomas, The Buntin Group ad agency

“Everybody’s number 1. It doesn’t matter. Advertisers want more than numbers. They want a marketing partner.”

~Michael Guld, author Million Dollar Media Rep

“Train your people to listen. Silent anger is dangerous. Communicate your expectations, kindly, clearly.”

~Chris Hogan, consultant

“Twenty percent of listenership comes from other platforms…we need to invest in these platforms.”

~SoCast representative

“Clients will meet with one out of four media reps. Send creative, concise emails. Don’t be too aggressive. Bring digital solutions with your traditional medium.”

~Gordon Borrell

“I like hearing you radio DJ’s…but then y’all just want to play seven songs in a row.”

~Wynona Judd

“It’s a seminal moment. We’re in the audio business.”

~Podcasting  company rep

Let’s pick up on that last suggestion. I would add, that every day brings a new seminal moment within our radio and television stations. Seeds are planted which bear fruit in the months and years to come. Of course, podcasters will say, “We’re in the audio business.” Agencies emphasis is “in the marketing business.” Programmers might say, “We’re in the audience engagement business.” While networks would suggest, “We’re in the news, sports, or talk show business.”

I think we’re in the same business that we’ve always been in: “The interactive creative communications business!” We’re involved with our listeners, viewers, and advertisers on several levels with personalities, information, promotions, social media, and marketing solutions.

Bob Dylan wrote “Blowin’ In The Wind” in 1962. The refrain, “The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind” has been described as impenetrably ambiguous. Either the answer is so obvious it is right in your face or the answer is as intangible as the wind.”

With all the changes blowin’ in the wind…the answer remains as certain today as in 1962…we need to learn and adapt, but above all be true to ourselves…and people will continue to notice.