The pros of negative audience feedback

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Heather Poltrock

“Angry viewer email.”

Those three words likely triggered an involuntary eye roll or sigh. No one enjoys being criticized, but there is a benefit.

No industry sees the volume of complaints quite like food service. And if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant you know exactly what I mean. Years ago, while serving at an Applebee’s, a coworker was discussing frustrations about a table of ‘complainers’. My manager shared some wisdom that can apply to broadcasters too.

“If they are complaining, they are letting you know… giving you a chance to make it right.”

Wise words in what can be a tough situation.

The next time you get negative feedback, really examine it. Does your work need some clarity? Did their feedback spur another angle you hadn’t considered? How can you improve and grow based on the comment?

I think you’ll find more often than not, most people have good intentions. It is also impossible to determine a person’s tone from an email or Facebook message.

Heather Poltrock, WSAW-TV, Wausau