Success highlights importance of member involvement

In the News
Chris Bernier

The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association is regarded as one of the best state broadcasting associations in the country. This is according to Sen. Gordon Smith, the President and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters.

During our recently completed legislative trip to Washington DC, we also heard this from many leaders of other state associations. The WBA is so highly regarded because of the dedicated work by our President, Michelle Vetterkind, and the staff, but equally as important, is our membership!

Our membership’s relationships with our elected officials are one of most significant things we can do as local broadcasters. Calling on them during State Legislative Day and in DC is very important. But even more pivotal are the meetings in the district. Having the State Assembly and State Senate members as well as Congressional and U.S. Senate members visit your radio or TV station is invaluable.

If you need background on important issues for one of these meetings, don’t hesitate to contact the WBA office for support. Also, when we have these local meetings, we should constantly remind the elected officials of our value, how we are involved in virtually everything that happens in our communities, and the millions of dollars that Wisconsin Broadcasters help raise for their communities every year.

We recently celebrated another legislative victory in the state when Governor Evers signed into law the bill regarding the use of law enforcement body cameras. This was one of our talking points during State Legislative Day and in local meetings, plus the phone blitz that many of you participated in just before the vote. This is another triumph in a long list of successes we have had thanks to our members.

Your involvement in the array of activities put on by the WBA is truly what makes the WBA if not the best, one of the best associations in the country! Thanks!