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Great mix of veterans and persons just starting out and objective honesty;”

“Very informative; good to hear about other campus radio and TV stations;”

“Really got a lot out of speed networking;”

“Kept me engaged about the future of TV stations and the jobs offered;”

“Good practical advice.”

Those were just a few of the comments from the more than 150 students who attended the 2017 WBA Student Seminar on March 4 at the Madison Marriott.

Another successful event can be attributed to the hard work of the WBA Education Committee in putting together an outstanding program, which featured Jay Kruz, Program Director and Daytime DJ at WREW, Cincinnati. I have the pleasure of being the chair of this active and hard working group of educators and commercial broadcast professionals.  Another contribution to the seminar’s success is financial support from the WBA in helping to pay for hotel rooms for students who traveled from distant areas around the state. 

Students chose to attend three of ten panels. Topics included: Radio and TV News Reporting, Broadcast Sales and Marketing, Social Media’s Role in the Newsroom, Campus Radio and TV Stations, How Do I Get My First Job, Student Storytellers Website, Promotion at a Radio Station, Producing Industrial Videos and Commercials, and Engineering. Several students toured the remote truck from WHA-TV, Madison, as part of the engineering session. At noon, students could participate in a session titled The Future of Television Is Now, which discussed impacts on future employees, or Speed Networking, which was patterned after the speed dating concept. Thirty-five broadcast professionals met individually in six minute intervals with students who could ask questions about any topic.

The afternoon luncheon concluded the seminar and was highlighted by Jay’s keynote address, the presentation of the WBA Foundation Scholarships to four recipients, and the 14th annual Student Awards for Excellence, which had more than 200 entries. View the list of winners here. In addition, this year’s Leadership Award was presented to A.J. Garcia from the University of Wisconsin Madison. The award is given to a broadcasting or broadcast journalism student of junior standing or above who attends a Wisconsin college or university and who has most noticeably developed and exercised effective and creative skills in leadership.

In addition to Jay, I would like to thank the following broadcast professionals for being panelists:  Dave Black, UW-Madison, WSUM, Madison; Bill Hubbard and Mike Schmidt, UW-Green Bay; Mike O’Brien and Stan Stricker, WCLO/WJVL, Janesville; Don Vesely, Amy Pflugshaupt, Russ Bruhn, Tom Weeden, and Geoff Shields, WMTV, Madison; Anthony DaBruzzi and Stephanie Haines, WJFW-TV, Rhinelander; Len Nelson, WAPL, Appleton; Hannah Anderson, Kassandra Sepeda, Maria Szatkowski, and Heather Poltrock, WSAW-TV, Wausau; Chris Shofner, UW-Stevens Point; Dean Maytag, retired, WISN-TV, Milwaukee; Kevin Ruppert and Hannah McClung, WISC-TV, Madison; Patrick Nienow,  WLUM/WLDB/WZTI, Milwaukee; Jim Mead, UW-Whitewater; Breann Schossow, Wisconsin Public Radio; Ed Reams, WKOW-TV; John DeSimone and Mike Halminiak, WMSN-TV, Madison; Andi Brooks, Dave Ogden, and Fletcher Keyes, Q106,  Madison; Bob Bellini, Milwaukee Radio Group; Dave Edwards, WUWM, Milwaukee Public Radio; Herb Cody, WGLR/WPVL; Jake Zimmermann, Wisconsin Sports Zone Radio Network; John Rowe, Cumulus; Judy Konkel and Valerie Moore, WADR-LPFM;  Mike Kemmeter, Woodward Radio; Pat Heffling and Tim Etes, iHeartmedia; Peter Tanz and Robert Kennedy, Midwest Communications, Green Bay; Alex Behnke, Wisconsin Public Radio/TV; Bob Goff, WCWI-FM; Russ Awe, Wisconsin Public Television; and David Sanks, WBA Foundation Chair.

Thanks to the panel moderators: Sandy Ellis and Richard Burgsteiner, UW-River Falls; Randall Davidson, UW-Oshkosh; Brian Lucas, UW-Whitewater; and Rob Snyder, UW-Platteville.

On behalf of the Education Committee, I would also like to thank Linda, Michelle, Liz, and Kyle for helping to ensure the seminar’s success. Our appreciation also to Donna Beno and Jill Sommers for helping with registration, and Greg Powers, Chair of the Illinois Broadcasters Association Education committee, for assisting in the presentation of the “Student Awards for Excellence.”

We look forward to 2018 and another outstanding student seminar!

-Ken Beno

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Thank you to:

Speakers and Moderators
Ken Beno, WBA Education Chair

Jay Kruz, WREW

David Sanks, WBA Foundation Chair

Michelle Vetterkind, President and CEO WBA Foundation

Russ Awe, WHA TV

Dave Black, WSUM Radio

Russ Bruhn, WMTV-TV

Rick Burgsteiner, UW-River Falls

Anthony DaBruzzi, WJFW-TV, Rhinelander

Randall Davidson, UW-Oshkosh

Sandy Ellis, UW-River Falls

Stephanie Haines. WJFW-TV

Bill Hubbard, UW-Green Bay

Brian Lucas, UW-Whitewater

Dean Maytag, WBA Foundation Committee

Jim Mead, UW-Whitewater

Len Nelson, WAPL Radio

Patrick Nienow, WLUM FM & WLDB FM

Mike O’Brien, WCLO/WJVL

Heather Poltrock, WSAW-TV

Kevin Ruppert, WISC-TV

Geoff Shields, WMTV-TV

Chris Shofner, UW-Stevens Point

Dr. Robert Snyder, UW-Platteville

Stan Stricker, WCLO/WJVL

Don Vesely, WMTV-TV

Michelle Vetterkind, WBA

WBA Education Committee

Ken Beno, Committee Chair

Dave Black, WSUM Radio

Nella Citino, Madison Media Institute

Randall Davidson, UW-Oshkosh

Sandy Ellis, UW-River Falls

Pat Hastings, UW-Madison

Terry Havel, UW-Parkside

Erik Johnson, UW-River Falls

Jack Kapfer, UW-Eau Claire

Judy Konkel, UW-Rock County

Maryann Lazarski, Milwaukee Public Television

Brian Lucas, UW-Whitewater

Dean Maytag, WBA Foundation Committee

Jim Mead, UW-Whitewater

Mike O’Brien, WCLO/WJVL

Kevin Pulz, Milwaukee Public Television

Arthur Ranney, UW-Platteville

Mike Schmitt, UW-Green Bay

Chris Shofner, UW-Stevens Point

Dr. Robert Snyder, UW-Platteville

Chuck Steinmetz, WITI-TV

Nancy Stillwell, Madison Media Institute

Michelle Vetterkind, WBA President & CEO

Linda Baun, WBA Vice President

Speed Networking Panelists

Hannah Anderson, WSAW-TV

Alex Behnke,            Wisconsin Public Radio and Television

Bob Bellini, Milwaukee Radio Group

Andi Brooks, Q106 – Madison

Herb Cody, WGLR/WPVL

Anthony DaBruzzi, WJFW-TV, Rhinelander

John DeSimone, WMSN-TV FOX 47


Tim Etes, iHeartmedia

Bob Goff, WCWI FM

Stephanie Haines. WJFW-TV, Rhinelander

Mike Halminiak, WMSN-TV FOX 47

Pat Heffling, iHeartmedia

Bill Hubbard, UW-Green Bay

Mike Kemmeter, Woodward Radio

Robert Kennedy, WTAQ -Midwest Communications, Green Bay

Fletcher Keyes, Q106 – Madison

Judy Konkel, WADR-LPFM

Jay Kruz, WREW

Dean Maytag, Hearst Television‎

Hannah McClung, WISC-TV

Nicole Nelson, WISC-TV

Valerie Moore, WADR-LPFM

Patrick Nienow, WLUM FM & WLDB FM

Super Dave Ogden, Q106, Madison

Amy Pflugshaupt, WMTV-TV

Ed Reams, WKOW TV

John Rowe, Cumulus

Kevin Ruppert, WISC-TV

Breann Schossow, Wisconsin Public Radio

Kassandra Sepeda, WSAW-TV

Maria Szatkowski, WSAW-TV

Peter Tanz, Midwest Communications, Inc., Green Bay

Jake Zimmermann, Wisconsin Sports Zone Radio Network

Special Thanks
American Awards & Promotions

Terry Baun, Criterion Broadcast Services

Donna Beno

Liz Boyd, WBA NCSA/PEP Coordinator

Kyle Geissler, WBA Communications Director

Madison Marriott West Hotel Staff

Greg Powers, Lake Land College

Jill Sommers


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