Sports broadcasters learn, enjoy day at the ballpark | Wisconsin Broadcasters Association
Wisconsin Broadcasters Association
Wisconsin’s sports broadcasters gathered Thursday at Miller Park to talk about sports broadcasting issues and enjoy a ballgame.

The workshop was kicked off by the sport workshop’s namesake, Doug Chickering.

Doug Chickering
WIAA Communications Director Todd Clark and Deputy Director Wade Labecki talked about athlete safety and the issue of concussions in football. The broadcasters asked questions about airing state tournament finals and keeping students interested in high school sports.

WIAA Communications Director Todd Clark and Deputy Director Wade Labecki 2

Brewers broadcaster Jeff Levering talked to workshop participants about how he got his start and worked his way up to calling games for the Brewers next to legend Bob Uecker. He also shared some fun stories about working with Uecker.
Jeff Levering
Miller Park official scorer Tim O’Driscoll talked about the importance of knowing the rules in the work he does for baseball. He also talked about what scorers are looking for when they score a game and he had some stories from his more than 30 years in baseball.

Tim O'Driscoll
After some ballpark-style lunch, the workshop was wrapped up with a Brewers baseball game against the St. Louis Cardinals. 

The Brewers won 2-1.


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